Course details

Fruitful cuisine! All 9 banquet courses 3000 yen (excluding tax)

3000 yen

(Excluding tax) / 90 minutes [drinking] with +1000 yen (tax excluded), 120 minutes [drinking] attached + 1500 yen (tax excluded)

  • 5items
  • 2-24persons
Reservation deadline
Until 21:00 on the day before the desired store visit
Available days for reservation
Monday - Saturday, Sunday and public holidays - Holidays

Please feel free to inquire when there is change of cooking contents etc.(Example) Increase the number of deep-fried skewers since there is no need for vinegared sauce ~ etc.

Course menu

【Example of content】

· Three appetizers served

· Three kinds of raw fish sashimi

· Caesar salad with crisp onion

· Deep-fried seven dishes

· Building a parent bird

·Savory egg custard

· Vinegared things

· Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima style or Kansai style) Included


2018/11/19 update